A musician jew at the Gonzaga court

This program presents a selection of the most significant works of the Mantouan composer Salamone Rossi. Rossi is one of the most original musical personalities of his  period. Responsible for the music intended for the Synagogue of Mantua and Maestro di Concerto, at the same time, for the Gonzaga family, Rossi finds himself at the crossroad of two cultural universes, both marked by the musical language of the author.


The 33 hymns  gathered under the title Ha-Shirim asher il-Shlomo represents besides the only document in Hebrew of the Renaissance. Innovating also in the domain of Lo Stile Rappresentativo,  Rossi collaborates with MONTEVERDI in the composing of Musiche per la Maddalena, theatrical experience prior to Orfeo.

Gagliarda a 5, detta la Massara

Ond'ei di morte


Rimanti in pace