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The art of dreaming


Man's imagination is based in the past. Whether we resort to it searching for our roots, or simply revisit the dream of Paradise, Man has an ongoing dialogue with the past.

Historians and philosophers deal with events and ideas of the past, musicologists and art historians reveal emotions of the past, philologists study the languages of the past, doctors study the diseases and psychology of the past. It is up to us, the musicians, to re-invent a sound for the past.

Enormously dissected, the past is a permanent subject of study by the present, and we transform and interpret according to our own culture.

“The past is dead” says Petrarch, our past is nothing but a dimension of the present.
Thus, the past is, and will always be, modern.



A la Moresca

The Daedalus therty years

News 2017

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
(Midway upon the road of our life)
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