The queen, the swan and the malcontent

(staged concert)

The Silver Swan is a journey in Elizabethan music of the 16th-century, a journey that speaks the English language; that of the lyra-viol and the melancholy that seemed to trouble the souls of British artists at the time. But it is especially a tribute to the divine Shakespeare and his theatre; a monologue on love, a feeling inspiring the most intense moments of our music.


First, a man discovering love sings the pleasure of seduction, the ectasy of the moment, the lightness of emotion. Then, our hero acknowledges that love is a complex feeling sometimes rhyming with pain. At this point disillusionment arises, but it is a necessary step for him so that he finds  the right path and can be born again in a new life placed under the sign of wisdom and virtue.


Inspired by the Antique tradition, it's a journey similar to that of Orlando Furioso by Arioste or the Divine Comedy by Dante.

The Silver Swan is the story of a man passing through the shadow in order to reach the light...


Toni Casalonga, scenographer and director of Festivoce (Pigna, Corsica) has created the shadows and the lights of our performance.

Shadows and lights, contrasts between reality and illusion; shandows and lights to evoke tales and dreams. Shadows and lights exploring fervor and fragility, happiness and pain,  consonance and dissonance....

The technical realization is very simple: seven spotlights and a long tulle cloth are the only accessories we need.

There is a Lady sweet and kind - Thomas Ford

What then is love - Thomas Ford

Loves farewell - Tobias Hume

Now I see thy lookes  - Thomas Ford

Galliard - Christopher Simpson

A ground: “Chacone de Mr. Verdre” - Anon.